Dear 2019, From 2020

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Why do years only last for 12 months? Can’t they last a little longer?

Dear 2019,

You really should have stuck around. Which is funny, because the people living during my time didn’t seem to think you were very pleasant back then. Your news was full of dire circumstance, conflict and uncertainty. People were getting hurt, they were angry and scared. But as your successor, let me tell you, you had it easy.

You were the third year of power for a man who was very obsessed about building his wall. Does he even remember it now? I don’t think he does. Instead he’s moved on to focusing his hatred towards people living inside his own country as opposed to those trying to get in. But there are people that still remember, and won’t forget.

During your time planes started falling out of the sky causing many people to be scared around the world. But now people can’t fly anyway. And they have other things to be scared of. However, Boeing made some serious mistakes with the 737 Max. Was I a well timed break for them? Probably. But does their screw up deserve to be forgotten?

You gave rise to some serious protests in Hong Kong. The people there showed the world that they take issue with China’s quickly tightening grip on their free society. This wasn’t a problem isolated to you. In fact their plight has only gotten worse in in my year. It’s been hard for people in the US at least to keep paying attention when they have their own massive protests going on. They told me to tell you that they still remember you but that they have some stuff going on at home that they have to deal with right now.

2019, you are a perfect example of how no matter how bad things might seem, they can always get worse. Yes, I’m afraid I won’t be remembered very fondly. Bad timing I guess.

Yours truly,