The following is a list of projects that I have either been the sole or principal developer on. Loosely categorized, open source when possible.


  • Trail Care: Trail Care is a Strava integration/service that facilitates fast and simple micro donations from trail users to trail advocacy groups. It has raised thousands of dollars for various trail organizations around the US. It works by checking the GPS tracks of user's activities against a geospatial database of known trail organizations, and leveraging Stripe to make transactions.

  • GraniteMaps: a collection of trail map apps for both Android and iOS. The maps work 100% offline, are GPS enabled, provide detailed trail descriptions and helpful information on local wildlife and emergency contacts. Featured in the Santa Cruz Sentinel and Hilltromper.


  • Django Vitals: django-vitals is a Django app that provides health check endpoints for vital services. Extra checks are easy to write or extend.
    Source Code


  • Astrochallenge: AstroChallenge is a online catalog, observation list, and social network for amateur astronomers.

  • MARS (Make Alerts Really Simple): MARS is a really simple broker and archive interface for the Zwicky Transient Facility public alert stream. MARS ingests millions of alerts on transient objects in the universe and makes them available via a web interface and API.
    Source Code

  • LCO Science Archive: The LCO Archive hosts all the data that has been taken by the Las Cumbres Observatory network.

  • LCO Weather Page: This project displays weather telemetry at each of the sites belonging to the Las Cumbres Observatory network.
    Source Code


  • Tuimoji: A terminal based emoji chooser.

  • K9Cupid: A tinder clone for dogs. Made as a birthday gift for a special someone who really loves dogs.

  • Participuppy: A classroom app for keeping tack of student participation.