Cycling in the US: A Dutch perspective.

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Check out this video of a Dutch person’s perspective of cycling in the US:


A few of his observations that I found particularly interesting:

  • Cyclists in the US appear to be racing all the time. He attributes this to the need to keep of with other traffic since cyclists are rarely able to ride on dedicated paths and it would be dangerous to move too slowly.

  • People casually riding comfortable bikes, in normal clothing, going from A to B is a sign of a healthy cycling culture. He also uses this as an argument against helmets: they only encourage the image of cycling as a dangerous activity.

He of course makes a few observations that should be obvious to any cyclists in the US.

  • Cycling is seen as an activity for children.

  • Our bike infrastructure really sucks.

It’s great to hear an outside perspective from someone who lives in a place where cycling is so much different than it is here.