A Piece of Trash a Day

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The lines we make in our day to day lives. Placed on a heatmap of all our motion, our daily routines show up in blazing hot purple. We ride down the same streets on our way to work, walk the same sidewalks to get the groceries, wander familiar shorelines on sunset strolls.

One thing I notice on a daily basis is trash. At it’s best litter is a faint reminder of civilization’s negative impact on the landscape. At it’s worst it’s an immediate and unwelcome distraction from the moment’s thoughts or reveries.

I wonder: considering how often I travel the same paths, can one person simply picking up a piece of trash a day make a noticeable difference in the amount present? I suspect so, as the places I walk aren’t particularly polluted and I do travel them quite often.

So I begun today by picking up a broken pair of safety glasses and a 5 hour energy drink, both on the side of the sidewalk I pass during my lunch walk, and that I had been noticing for at least the last month. The walk has been improved already.

Tomorrow: Dorritos bag.