Photographing the Triangulum Galaxy

🔖 astronomy 

This will most likely be my last “Photographing X space thing” where X is some object we studied in Observational Astronomy at Cabrillo College. The first was Comet Jacques, a small icy object moving within our solar system. Next up was the beautiful Great Nebula in Orion, a star factory near to us in our own galaxy. Here finally we have the Triangulum Galaxy one of the closest galaxies in our local group.

It was a bit low in the sky, so the photo turned out slightly noisy. Overall, I’m again pleased with the result.

Astronomy 8A at Cabrillo was a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone with even the slightest interest in Astronomy. Hanging out with cool people 3 hours once a week, playing with telescopes, and taking photos on the big one in the dome? Yes please, will do again.