Making ng-grid scroll and select naturally with arrow keys

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The default behaviour of angular’s ng-grid library while using multiselect is a little strange. By default using the arrow keys will select multiple rows. I was looking for behaviour that would only select rows if ctrl or shift were being held. ng-grid also seems to have an issue with not showing the currently selected row in the viewport, causing the table not to scroll properly. The following code placed in your gridOptions object addresses both issues:

beforeSelectionChange: function(rowItem, event){
    if(!event.ctrlKey && !event.shiftKey && event.type != 'click'){
      var grid = $scope.gridOptions.ngGrid;
      grid.$viewport.scrollTop(rowItem.offsetTop - (grid.config.rowHeight * 2));
      angular.forEach($scope.myData, function(data, index){
        $scope.gridOptions.selectRow(index, false);
    return true;

Here is a plunker demonstrating how the table behaves:

Happy coding.