Shralping Shredona (The Weirdest Place to Ride in the World)

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There are a few places in North American that, if you know a mountain biker, will probably hear about at least once. They are places where the riding is so legendary, so obscenely epic (we’re talking Sail by AWOL levels here) that they are worth traveling to the obscure corners of the country that they are usually located. Sedona, Arizona is one of those places.

What is unique about Sedona (besides the amazing riding, I don’t need to dwell on that here) is that the town itself is so strange. I mean the town is kinda… lame (sorry Adam). You look around and all you can see are pink jeeps lugging obese tourists around and trinket shops selling knockoff native American art. Crystals are bigger than Chuck Norris was in 2008. And apparently there are these “vortexes” all around the place. I don’t even know what those are but I think they have something to do with the crystals.

Basically if Walt Disney was into white person yoga and Carl Castaneda he would have invested heavily in “Uptown” Sedona instead of building Disney Land. I always get this strange look from people when I tell them I just got back from there: that look of “Sedona huh? You’re into that kind of thing?” It’s like when your friends come over for movie night and they find your roommate’s copy of Twilight in the DVD player… except more embarrassing.

Weirdness aside, the place really does have amazing riding. Good enough to have brought me back a second time. This time we had a larger crew and we let the cameras roll. Please enjoy the following “edit” I put together of the trip.