Photo Of the Day

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I was on a ride with my buddy Brent Davidson a few days ago when during a break he snapped a quick picture of me.

“Photo of the day.” he said.

“You mean for Pinkbike?” I asked.

“No, my instagram photo of the day.”

Brent takes one photo every day and posts it to his instagram account. He explained that it’s fun, he was taking at least that many pictures before anyway and that his grandma calls him if he misses a day.

I told him I was going to steal his idea. If you go into every day knowing that you’re going to take a picture of something, I bet you’ll come away with some interesting stuff. You go from being a passive photographer (that’s neat, I’ll take a picture) to being an active one. As in you’ll actively seek out photos to take if you have to at least take one a day.

Not to mention a cool history to look back on.

So I created a photoset on flickr and a javascript gallery that pulls from that here on this blog. As of this writing, my first POD is up. In the spirit of the internet, it’s a photo I took of a cat (the internet was made for cats).