Sort Table of Contents Style Strings In Java

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This is for when you have String likes “1.1”, “1.2”…“1.10” such that you want “1.10” > “1.1”. Just another example of terrible code programmers have to write when people insist on presenting data in illogical ways.

private static class TocComparator implements Comparator<String>{
    public int compare(String s1, String s2){
        Integer s1front = Integer.parseInt(s1.substring(0, s1.indexOf('.')));
        Integer s2front = Integer.parseInt(s2.substring(0, s2.indexOf('.')));
            Integer f1ass = Integer.parseInt(s1.substring(s1.indexOf('.')+1));
            Integer f2ass = Integer.parseInt(s2.substring(s2.indexOf('.')+1));
            return f1ass.compareTo(f2ass);
            return s1front.compareTo(s2front);
This class is a comparator which can be used with Collections.sort()