Cruzin for a Bruisin

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Great weekend in Santa Cruz. Kicked it off on Friday with a quick, dark ride with local legend Jeff Kendall-Weed. No really, it was dark. The light ran out somewhere while inside of mailboxes, and being the rookie that I am, had no lights. Luckily Jeff had some which helped me get down without injury. Thanks man!

Saturday was the big boy ride. Headed up to SDF with Ben for a few laps with what seemed like a few hundred other riders. Good stuff, a bit rough on the hardtail but nothing the ‘ol handjob couldn’t handle with ease. After seeing Ben and the boys off, I rode back up to the top of SDF to descent some ripping singletrack back down to Aptos. Perfect day.


[caption id=”attachment_31” align=”alignnone” width=”567”] Failed Panorama[/caption]