Copy Contents of one S3 Bucket to Another.

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Need to automate copying files from one Amazon S3 bucket to another? So did I. Everything I found on google, like this, was useless. Most of the scripts I found required downloading the objects first to the local machine and then reuploading them to the destination bucket. Unacceptable, especially if you are dealing with a large and or many files.

I’ve never written a line of Ruby before, but it seems like there are some great AWS libraries for it, so I decided to give it a shot. There is a cool library out there called right_aws. You can install it using #gem install right_aws. Then simply copy this script:

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'right_aws'

        S3ID = "Your AWS ID Here"
        S3KEY = "Your AWS secret key"
        SRCBUCKET = "Source Bucket"
        DESTBUCKET = "Destination Bucket"

        s3 =, S3KEY)
        objects = s3.list_bucket(SRCBUCKET)
        objects.each do |o|
        puts("Copying " +  o[:key])
        s3.copy(SRCBUCKET, o[:key], DESTBUCKET, o[:key])
Make sure the file is executable and you should be able to run it via command line on any unix system. To make a generic ruby script get rid of the first line.

I know its pretty brutish, probably sucks in more ways than one, but for now it works. And I think I like Ruby :D