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🖊️ 🔖 Bizzare Cool Entertainment Music 💬 3

Just lounging around, thinking I’m gunna throw some stuff down right here.

[caption id=”attachment_410” align=”aligncenter” width=”432” caption=”Anyone that can explain this picture to me gets $2”][/caption]

First, let me share with you some music that others have shared with me. I have not posted music for a very long time and this is just completely different.

Gotta thank Fitch for this one. Some good real music with a little bit of synth to make it nice and cracky. Self titled album is really good.

Broken Bells - The High Road

Heres from Andrea (as usual) Black River Killer by Blitzen Trapper, natives of this here fine state. I’m a sucker for music with a good story.

Blitzen Trapper - Black River Killer

Here is a really cool art installation:

Check it out. That was 3 media types in one blog post, all having absolutely nothing to do with eachother. I love the internet.

anonymous  in response to anonymous
Thanks for the kind words Cats. Im having a hard time finding inspiration to write lately buts its comments like yours that help me out.
i decided to check this site, please keep it up, i think it is really great. [http://i.imgur.com/UmzbG.png](http://i.imgur.com/UmzbG.png)
that is one weird ass picture. Where did you even find that?