How to Survive a Solo Drive from the Bay Area to Ashland, OR

🔖 Music 
roadrage Have  conversations with yourself. You'd be surprised how much you have in common. Take the slightest driving errors by others completely out of context (this includes driving < 80 in the fast lane). Express your feelings with your horn, and be liberal with threatening gestures and cuss words. Dont worry - everyone understands. You don't really need food. Only eat when your car does at gas stations. Rockstar and pretzels. Nuff said. Have someone make you a CD before you leave so you can listen to something unpredictable. Who cares if its dance music and you are stuck in traffic,  and that someone slipped a Paris Hilton track in there - take it like a man. Listen to bangin' tracks like these until you reach your destination: Army of Yeah - The White Panda Homecoming - The Teenagers Wonderwall (Conor Cutz & DJ Black Remix) -