Could We Get a Little Global Warming in Here?

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the-xx Ah, the end of the quarter. For some reason it always seems to mean movies, movies... movies in class. Today I watched two films about global warming - one about the sinking nation of Tuvalu and the other An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore's most lasting contribution to society. Ironically last night was my first night back at the robot hut, of course, the heater is broken again. I had a dream I was wrapped in a hundred blankets, when I woke I thought I had frostbite on the tip of my nose. Who cares, lets just get to the music. Thanks to Andrew for trading a few CDs with me last night! Heres a sweet track he made that he also gave me: Andrew Hathon - Chasing Kids (MGMT vs Snow Patrol) And some more stuff: Neon Indian - Deadbeat Summer (thanks Andrea!) The XX - You've Got The Love