Carts of Darkness - Vancouver's Most Extreme Bums

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In Carts of Darkness the treacherous mountain roads and discarded shopping carts of North Vancouver become the rivers and boats of self-exploration for a group of homeless ‘free birds’ who have few chances at joy. Carts of Darkness is a cinematic Trojan horse, utilizing a filmic vocabulary, visual flair and humour often missing from “message” films, as a way to bring viewers, especially young ones, to the issues. The film adopts the tropes of extreme sports filmmaking; fluid flowing cinematography, intense music, visceral pulse pounding action and irreverent characters unbounded by society’s constrictions, to bring viewers deep into a world and deep into people they would normally look away from. They'll come for the carts and the crashes, the booze and the bruises, but they'll stay for the story of a unique brotherhood and a quiet redemption. - Jonathan Orr Here is the trailer: Heres to all that make the best out of life no matter how hard it might be!