Save Money on Milk

Lets start off this post by saying that I LOVE milk. And I especially love good, hearty, 2% milk. I cant stand drinking low fat milk, and I feel that non fat milk is a crime against nature. So I propose a solution lowfat milk drinkers and myself both will like. Next time, instead of buying a lesser form of milk, get the good stuff - the 2%. The sane people can drink the milk right out of the carton unspoiled. If someone were for some reason want low or non fat milk, simply add water. A cup or too a presto! You have 1% milk. Add another 3 or 4 and you have nonfat milk, at least thats what it tastes like anyways. Besides making everyone happy, you also save a lot of money on milk! [caption id="attachment_174" align="aligncenter" width="389" caption="Superman Only Drinks 2% milk. Lesser milk is for lesser men. "]Superman Got Milk![/caption]