Doughnut, Ice Tea and Some Live Typhoid Bacteria.

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention my next travel destination Nicaragua can be a pretty germy place. Along with a few other immunizations, I was prescribed an oral vaccine for Typhoid Fever sold under the name Vivotif Berna. It was not easy to get a hold of. When I went to my doctor in hopesVivotif Berma to get a prescription, she insisted that she had never heard of it and hinted that I must be mistaken in it’s existence. I sat in the doctor’s office for nearly 45 minutes while she made phone calls but eventually she did return with a prescription paper in hand. “You learn something new every day” She told me.

I headed over to Bi Mart to get the prescription filled. They told me it would take only 15 minutes, but ended up taking over an hour. The pharmacist finally called me to the desk and not only did he have the pills but also a huge book with tiny print. “So lets see what we have here” he said as he squinted at the page. “The pills must be refrigerated at all time. You are to take one every other day with cold water 1 hour before a meal. Make sure you don’t chew or break the pills.” I’d never heard instructions like these before. “Those pills are alive, huh?” I asked. “I suppose they are. So go home and stick them in the fridge. Have a nice trip.”

The fact that it was 100 degrees outside and I had to walk 2 miles to get back to my room worried me a little. I didn’t want the lil’ buggers to wake up but I’ve already taken 1 and I feel fine so far. However,  If I don’t post for a few days, assume the worst.