Kevin Sahr - Superprogrammer

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By Austin Riba and Barrett Chamberlain Keven Sahr is a computer science teacher at Southern Oregon University. Here are some facts about Kevin: Kevin Sahr doesn't need to type "su root", he is root. Kevin Sahr never gets "403 - permission denied" Kevin Sahr can kill a man by whispering "System dot exit zero" in his ear. When Kevin Sahr's code generates a compile error, its the compiler's fault, not Kevin's. Keven Sahr never touches his keyboard. Instead the keys back away from his fingers in fear. When a computer crashes somewhere, its because Kevin Sahr is angry. Kevin Sahr doesn't run programs. He can walk them at a leisurely pace. Kevin Sahr's password works for everything. Kevin Sahr programmed Windows in 2 days. He traded it to Bill Gates for some beer in College. This is the closest representation of what the world looks like to Kevin Sahr:

Kevin Sahr