4 Eerie Abandoned Cities

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Hashima Island

Hashima, or Gunkanjima Island, is an abandoned coal mining community 15km outside of Nagsaki, Japan. In 1959, the island had the highest population in the world with a density of 1.391 people per km^2. The island was abruptly abandoned in 1974 when the coal resources ran out an the workers living there were no longer needed. Travel to the island is prohibited. The literal translation of the island means "Battleship Island" because of it's silhouette. hasima island Everything literally falls apart, in a relatively short period of time. hashing falling apart The abandoned school: hashima school Here is an interesting video of a man returning to the island where he grew up:
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Kowloon Walled City

The Kowloon walled city had a long history with political and territorial disputes. After Japan's WWII surrender in 1948 the area became a part of British Hong Kong. Squatters began to build, and when the city became part of the People Republic of China, even more were added. The city was a lawless haven, British government didn't want to deal with it, and Hong Kong Police were not allowed to enter. The Kowloon walled city was an "in-between zone" ruled by nobody but the fearsome triads that ran the city. View of the city shortly before demolition. kowloon city Inside the city's alleys. In some areas, daylight was completely blocked out. Shabby makeshift power lines littered the city and it's rooftop. The Kowloon Walled city was demolished in 1993. Check out this great video of the interior of the city from the movie "Bloodsport:


The infamous Chernobyl nuclear power plant failure left this entire city abandoned. Because the residents were only allowed to take a single suitcase of items with them during the evacuation, almost everything was left behind. This gives the city the appearance that it's inhabitants simply vanished - children's toys, documents, photos, can all still be found withing thousands of abandoned apartments. View of the city's ferris wheel. Those of you who play Call of Duty 4 will recognize this. Although radiation still exists, its possible to visit for a short amount of time without getting sick. The swimming pool Like other abandoned cities, Pripyat has been the setting of many movies and video games. Watch this incredible video of the city:

San Zhi

Outside of Taipei, Taiwan, lies the abandoned San Zhi Resort. What makes this abandoned place unique is the strange buildings. In fact, that could be why they are abandoned - faulty construction practices caused several of the worker's death. Consequently the resort was never finished and it is said that the place is haunted by the workers who died building it. A futuristic resort - now completely abandoned. Haunted? Looks like it. They don't look safe. Some say the pods are made of a faulty kind of plastic, which is why the pods seem to be falling apart after such a short period of abandonment. Know of any other modern abandoned cities I should include in this list? Feel free to comment.