Worst Prescription Drug Ads

We've all seen those pharmaceutical ads on tv that are smiles, laughter and sunny skies. But what can be unsettling are those words the narrator spits out usually in the last few seconds of the commercial. The prescription drug industry is one of the most profitable in the world. It seems like drug companies come out with a new cure for a disease every month, and people rush in like crack addicts for rocks. What is surprising is that everyone seems to ignore the warning about how dangerous they are, even though we are bombarded with warning nearly every night while we watch TV. Some of these warnings are straight ridiculous, making you wonder why anyone would take the drug in the first place. Others, have the ability to make you laugh out loud, which is a better cure than any they are selling. Here are three of the craziest drug ads on tv. Mirapex. This one is by far the most ridiculous drug commercial I have ever seen. First of all, the disease its supposed to cure, RLS or Restless Leg Syndrome, seems like something a guy in the PR department of Pfizer made up. The ad states that if "you have an uncontrollable urge to move" maybe Mirapex is right for you. Uncontrollable urge to move? Damn that pesky biped body that was built to walk! Maybe those uncontrollable urges have something to do with not using your legs and whoever gets them should, lets think, go for a walk? But wait, the ad keeps getting better. It tells you that using Mirapex may cause serious side effects like falling asleep during normal activities, such as driving. Right. If you thought that was bad, the narrator goes on to tell you to "call your doctor if you experience increased gambling, sexual or other intense urges." What the hell? Increased gambling urges? Actually, on a second thought this drug sounds like it might be kinda fun... Youtube link to TV ad. Celebrex. This 2 minute ad is made up entirely of a blue background, relaxing music and scrolling text that takes the form of people, dogs and bushes. And you expect that with an ad made entirely from text, the words should be convincing you to buy the drug. Apparently not. Instead, we find words like "abdominal pain" "serious skin reactions" and "internal bleeding." No, these are not the ailments celebrex is curing, but instead nasty side effects that may occur from taking the drug. In fact, the narrator goes on a long rant about how the risk of heart attack is the same for most pain medications, including celebrex. Hmm, that makes me feel a lot better. Youtube link to TV ad Cialis. For men who can't get it up. But is it really worth the risk of a permanent erection? Or vision loss? Considering how much spam I get in my inbox for it someone must be buying it. Youtune link to TV ad