Ugliest Dogs and Cats in the World

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Now one should not be so shallow as to judge someone by how they look. We all know that the appearance has little to do with personality, so thats why we don't laugh at ugly people (at least in public). Animals are a little different. Its ok to laugh at a dog if half its teeth are missing on one side so its tongue is permanently hanging out, right? Even if you don't agree, here are some damn ugly pets to laugh at. Lets start off with a classic. This has got to be one of the most hideous forms of life I have ever seen. **Edit: Video is in spanish because the original english one was taken down. Meet sam, runner up for the world's ugliest dog alive (but I hope not for long) Not even the pearl necklace or professional lighting could help this poor best: Not exactly ugly in the same way as the others. Rat or dog? You decide. Ok so thats enough of picking on the dogs. Cats can be just as horrendous if not worse! The thing about ugly cats, its almost as if they know how ugly they are, and get all defensive and pissy about it. Or maybe thats just my imagination. Lets start if off with a video again. No, its not ET thats actually a cat. Yes. He wants BLOOD! All I can say is, thats one nasty mug. This one is actually quite seductive. And finally, a cat so fat he makes the woman look skinny! Hopefully you all had a good laugh. Unless one of these pets were yours. If so, I'm sorry.