Great Online Radio Stations

Getting sick of listening to the same songs from you library over and over? Try listening to on-line radio from your favourite music player. It can turn you onto new music as well as freeing you from your old boring mp3s. There are hundreds of radio stations on the net, and the majority of them are commercial free! And because there are no commercials, the stations are free to play whatever they want! You will find some great non-mainstream music on some of these stations as well as the hits. The best places to find radio stations would be NullSoft's Shoutcast: There you will find tons of unique radio stations from all around the world My favourites are: Groove Salad Awesome ambient radio station based out of San Francisco. Good coding music. Radio Paradise A super relaxing eclectic rock station. Some good stuff that I've never heard before as well as some good classics. The BuzzFM If you are into alternative rock, you will LOVE this station. The play list is straight hits, but it does get repetitive sometimes. Once you start listening to online radio, you will never go back. I swear.