Cool Jail Wall Graffiti

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Imagine yourself in a jail cell. You don’t have much to do except stare at the gray walls and maybe read a book for days on end. So why not decorate the place a little? Thats what some of these inmates have done. Most jail cell graffiti is nonsense gang symbols and “Jesus Saves” messages but every once and while someone comes up with something creative. Just hope you never have to see them personally.

So here is your typical jail cell with graffiti written all over it:

This chilling piece gives us some advice:

This writing was possible done by the jailer, to give his inmates hope.

Must have been the gamblin type:

Some incredible artistry:

And of course, you have the guys that are just so happy to be getting out:


Even in the most oppressive of places, creativity manages to display itself on these jail house walls.