4chan Owned by the Lulz

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Thought I would stop by 4chan this fine Friday night to see if I could discover something new and disgusting, but instead of the front page, this is what I found: Welcome To Did It For The Lulz! Looks like 4chand has become a victim of the of the Lulz it is so famous for. I have to admit the sight did give me lulz, which made the 4chanless night all worth it. Update: 12/14/07 Looks like 4chan is still gone, but there is a new page in place: Suspeneded Page. It appears that 4chan's servers were not compromisd, but the site was a victim of domain name hijacking. Its surprising how such a huge site is still unacessable after so long a time. Maybe the admin, Moot, just doesn't care and would like the weekend off anyways. Update: 12/15/07 Suspended page has been updated again, with the text at the bottom reading: Glexia is in constant contact with Moot and other 4chan executives and we are working both with them and the FBI to resolve this situation as soon as possible. (Last Edit: 15/12/2007 @ 1:48 PM Eastern) I went onto Lulz's IRC channel (irc.diditforthelulz.com) to see what the whole "FBI" deal was about. Anyways, 4chan.org still points to the suspended page, but you can access the site by going to the ip address. God I love the internet.