DIY Yeti Costume

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All materials were purchased at the local dollar store: 7x Packets of shredded white paper. 5x Bottles generic Elmer’s Glue. 1x Black face paint. Preparation was a mess, I had a few people douse me in glue and then stick the paper on my upper body and legs. Bathroom looked like a sheep had been sheared in it. One guy got 2 blow driers to help speed up the drying process. Once the paper was stuck, I applied the black facepaint to make the unibrow. The costume was unique and looked pretty cool, but it had some obvious downsides. First of all, it was an absolute fucking mess, with paper and glue all over the bathroom, plus I was shedding for the rest of the night, leaving a trail of shredded paper wherever I went. In fact this turned out to be a safety measure. As I walked downtown sober, I left a perfect trail of white paper for about a half mile. When I walked back quite inebriated, I had absolutely no trouble retracing my steps back to the dorms. Another downside was that it was pretty darn cold, being outside and not moving wasn’t the greatest time. Yet another downside, either nobody knows what a Yeti is or it just doesn’t look like one, which turned out to be alright because I met a few people just trying to explain what my costume was supposed to be. Surprisingly it was not itchy or uncomfortable to wear. Happy Halloween all!