Cool Prank

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Here on Forest floor 1, we like to take our pranks seriously. We are in a constant state of war. Everyone is on their toes, everyone is watching their backs. We are warriors. This weekend the battle turned in favor of Mike, Alex and I. The method was simple. We bought 4 packs of poppers that contained 4 bags of poppers each. We then removed the rocks from all of them, and separated them into piles - undoing what the unfortunate child labourers in China did to make them. I then wrapped these piles in pieces of a plastic bag and closed them up with scotch tape. These were our bombs. The biggest one, MOAB, was placed inconspicuously in the hall and watched. Soon enough, Kainoa came by and picked it up, it promptly exploded in his face. The noise of 2 1/2 packs of poppers was deadening. We were hysterical. But we had better plans for the next 3, I took them into the bathroom and placed them very carefully under each toilet seat. An intense 45min passed while nobody had to use the bathroom. Eventually Shane, the guy with the ridiculously loud speakers went into the toilet to relieve himself. We listened, and sure enough there came a huge “BAM!” followed by “WHAT THE FUCK???” We were absolutely in stitches. It worked perfectly. Shane came out holding his ears. The next to victims were Myles and Trevor. We also had some fun that night setting up tripwires with confetti poppers.