Goodbye to the vines, and my final revenge!

So what have I been up to? Patricia and I finished 3 weeks of worek in the vineyards, while staying in Leeways again. It was a little dull. We didnt do much but work, but Dylan and some of the other germans from last time were still there so I had some friends to reminice with. Dylan, Patricia Christopher the Chilean and I went to the beach on our last work day. Christopher was a kite surfer, WHICH IS AWESOME, and he brought his gear with him. I helped him set the thing up. He practiced flying the kite on the beach before getting on the water so see if it was safe... the wind was so strong it knocked him on his ass and drug him 10 feet along the rocky beach! What a laugh! So it was deemed unsafe so we sat on the beach and drank beer instead. Once we got cold, and a little tipsy, we decied to drive back. The ride started with a 4WD ascent of a muddy hill in a 2WD sudan, and it only got better from there. I had one more beer to drink in the car and I have to say it was one of the best rides of my life. High on Alchohol and life, but mostly life, watching rows upon rows of vines pass at 80mph knowing that I may never work with them again after becoming so intimate with the vine over so many months. I had one of those rare moments of pure ecsasy - a spark in my brain triggered by copious amounts of pleasure catapaulted me into a deam like trance and I could do nothing but smile and stare out of the window like a man possesed, with the dry air blowing in my face, stining my eyes and drowning out all sounds. When Dylan spoke to my I was incable of answering, my body was incapacitated while my brain was exploding, it felt as if a thousand lighting storms were raging in my head at once, each a different color and feeling and bringing a different moment of pleasure in itself. As I looked out the window at the passing rows, I had a vision of the limitless possibilities of life, and each of these possible paths occupied its own row of vines, lines that started at the four of us in the car and stretching out paralell into infinity between walls of green blue and brown. When the reverie passed the car was pulling into Montana Winery. Christopher was going to work the night shift. The beer had done its job and we all had to piss, so as Chris went to his job Dylan, Patricia and I went into the winery to empty our swollen bladders. On our way to the loo we passed enourmous shining silver vats. They were as tall as a 2 story building and their circumferences were about 15 feet. The whole building reeked of fermenting grape juice. I noticed that the vats had small spouts on them, presumably so the wine makers could taste the progress of their wine. I decided to take advantage of this mechanism - I ran back to the car and emptied a 2 liter Pepsi, then brought it inside and filler 'er up with a much better liquid! The three of us roared off in the car, and passed the bottle between us all the way back to Leeway's. On the 12th Patricia and I met up with Julia the German, drove to Picton and hopped on the ferry to head back to Wellington and the North Island. We spent three pretty unenventful days plodding around Wellington, with the exception being Saturday night, when we dressed up and walked arm and arm down to the esplande, and watched from a bench (ourselves to poor to drink) the grand spectacle of Wellington's insane night life and high society. The next morning we jumped on a bus headed for the famed Rotorua, and here we are, at Cactus Jacks where I stayed for 3 weeks nearly 6 months ago. We got a job as cleaners at the place so we dont have to pay for accomodation, which is a lifesaver because niether of us have any money!