Quest complete! Queenstown baby!

5 months and 1700km (1056 miles) later, I've finally arrived in Queenstown! How can I describe my excitement... Arms flailing, lots of yelling, laughing, crying, jumping up and down, leg cramps, cant believe it, am I really here? In the last 3 days I rode over 250km because I was so anxious to finally get here. And now that I've arrived, I cant say I've ever felt better. This place is gorgeous, full of tourists and a mind blowing amount of activities to empty your wallet. I'm staying with Fletch and Stacey, 2 friends I worked with on the river last year. I also met up with a buddy, Josh, who I met my first day in New Zealand but havent seen since. Blast from the past, mang! So yea, my biking days are over, for now. Can't say I'm very dissapointed! Its about time really, but sheeet, did I ride one hellavu distance. Now everything is going to be cruzy, just work, and travel by car. I'm going to feel spoiled! For those of you curious when I'm coming back, its looking like the beggining of may. Thats when the rafting season starts back home and I'd like to get an early start and make some good american cash! And for you Lord of the Rings fans, here in queenstown a lot of filming was done. I've uploaded some pictures of Mordor and Rohan that I took today while on a 5 hour hike. I felt like I was in middle earth the whole time!