More Lord of the Rings and stuff.

Today I went jet boating and conoeing on the dart river for free cause my rafting buddy/teacher fletch works for the company that runs it. Just goes to show you in pays to have friends in the tourism industry! It was so amazing! The jet boats can go up to 70mph in water only 3 inches deep! And man, it was FAST! We went up the dart river, which passes through a place caleed the Paradise Trust where a lot of the LOTR movies were filmed. As you will see the in the pictures, there is another movie being filmed there now, Narnia! but Narnia sucks. Anyhoo, it truely is paradise. There was no place I would rather be! After the jet boat ride we hopped in canoes and went back down the river in those. On the way we went up a side stream a few hundred meters and paddled through a really narrow crack in the rocks that was formed over hundreds of years by water. It was more beautiful than the oldest cathedral in Rome! Here is a video of it: