Letter to my mum

Hey mum! You guessed right, my cell battery ran out right in the middle of a conversation with Olivia! I was so pissed, I threw the phone at a grape vine! Anyways, Olivia sounded really stoked about the the weekend so it brightened me up and made the time pass quickly afterwards. Hung out the whole time with Biezad huh.? Tsk Tsk. It was cool to hear he is well too. If you havent figured it out yet Im out in the boonies. I'ts hard to do much of anyhting out here, except to work, so its an ideal place for work. Mainly because there is nothing here, so no place to spend money, which also means no place to use computers, and the cell reception is usally absent as well as you noticed! By the way its starting to get very cold here already, I think El Nino is coming this year do you think. The kiwis said the summer never really came here in New Zealand, it never stopped raining! I So anyway Im really anxious, I mean REALLY anxious to get going again, because its getting colder and colder and I need to keep travelling South where its colder and colder the farther you go. Yikes! So I've been working on average 11 hours a day to save up a bunch of money so I can zoom down south as fast as I can for 2 weeks and then turn around and follow the sun back north all in one sweep I've maide over 1k in two weeks!. I think next Friday I'm going to gather my things and ride into Christchurch, spend a night and then head off into uncharted territorry again. I cant wait! Oh and tell my friends that they dont have to tell you that they still think of me to make you feel better ; ) So hows life? How fast is the time passing at home? I hope it flys as fast as me as a bike because that means your having fun. By the way, do you still want to send a package? Cause I think I'll leave soon, but if you send it soon I'll wait as long as it takes to get it. I heard Andy came by the other day, when I heard the message on my phone I had to laugh when he said he was hanging out with you. Nice to hear another familiar voice! Anyway, I'm going to head out for a whie, I'm at another worker's house, all the people here are Brazillian! Its pretty... trippy. From Waipara with love, Austin. By the way I edited it a little for facebook!