I've been hanging out in the Capitol city of New Zealand, Wellington, for the last 2 days. Its everything a capitol should be, artistic, cultured, awe inspiring and rich. Its also immaculately clean, no garbage, no bums. Except for one, but hes a happy bum with dreds that just lays around on the sidewalk by my hostel in nothing but his man thong.
I visited the Parliment building today, which is shaped like a beehive. I'm not sure if thats supposed to be making a statement because if so it seems fairly negative to me. I aslo spent a few hours in the National Library, which was big, but not New York big, and the Botanical Gardens which was kinda neat. The architecture here is old and impressive, but of course can't even shake a stick at Washington D.C.
Have fun back in school guys.
man meets nature
The old capitol building with the new Parliment behind it.
The busy busy beehive.
All the way over here, I still can't escape the hip-ness of San Francisco.
This is one of my favorite pictures. I know a deep philisophical or political statement should go with it...
but nothing comes to mind.
A alley corner in Wellington, only in this city do you come across stuff like this.
Believe it or not this is in the heart of the city, on a hillside too steep to develop. An old abondoned walkway.
Again, in the middle of the city. Beautiful. A local saw me here and snorted at me.
See what I mean by creepy maniqins all over the place?