Sweet Sweet Peril

Saturday, Dec 16, 2006
Well tomorrow I take off on my bike again, finally. I've been working out the route with a friend of mine here that I ride with all the time.
I'm nervous as all hell and the reason is the place I am going is really a nowhere place. Its a dirt road, and I've been told to expect traffic every 30min at most. There are no people for the first 80 or so miles so I will be camping in the bush on the side of the road for the first night, I have to be completely self sufficent. I've packed enought food to keep me alive for 3 days. After the 80k I emerge into Maori land, and thats where I really start cranking it because they don't like white honkeys very much. I've been told that most of the people I will see in the area are carrying guns because the economy is run on drugs. Woo! This is adventure to the fullest. Once I get out of there I'lll be camping on one of the most remote at serene lakes in NZ. Who knows how long I will stay. After the lake the road turns back into pavement and i'll cruise my way into the whiteish established town of Napier. If I dont post another update in 10-12 days, assume the worst. But you can't have my stuff.