Rest in peace, SS Waverly

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Hey dad this one is for you!
Today, unlike most days in sunny Blenheim, turned out to be an exciting day. Sitting around the backpacker is no fun, so me and 2 of my friends decided to go for a walk in the Wairau lagoons, basically where all the sewage from the town goes to get processed. Little did we know there was a shipwreck waiting for us down by the sea! What they were thinking trying to navigate through the swamp I do not know, but it a sight to see!
I noticed a strange feature. If you look at the 3rd photograph, you’ll notice there is a huge gaping hole in the hull. All the metal around it is also bent inwards, now, I’ve played a few videogames in my life, and I can tell you thats no regular decay! I think this ship was sunk by a human enemy.
The SS waverly is decaying and sad, its only crew is small crabs and spiders, with the occasional backpacker. But I still think shes impressive, take a look for yourself!