Politics and Travelling

Friday, Dec 15, 2006
Well my job at the furniture store is finished, and Im considering taking up another at a bike shop for a few weeks, but the more I think about it the more I just want to say fuckit and keep going. Rotorua is a city and I'm starting to get tired of it (even though its just a town to American standards) I can't wait to get back out into the bush.
People always say that Americans are self centered and unconcious of the world around them. Well, it most ways they are right. Travelling and talking to people from all around the world has drastically changed my perspective of the world. Mainly I've realized that now matter how great California and the USA is, it is not the center of the world. It may be easy to think that way when you are a citizen of the most powerfull empire on earth, but our time may be limited. At least thats what everyone says.
Most people are talking like China is going to be the next big superpower, and as people stop listening to the USA our standing in the world will slowly start to dwindle. There are a lot of Israelis here and thats got them worried. Once we cant push people around anymore there will be nobody to protect the jewish nation that many people in the world don't believe should even exist. Its all very interesting.
But lets not forget about the Germans. I would say 80% of the travelers here are German. In school they are taught that they were the bad guys in World War I and II. Think about how strange that would be, to be taught you were the bad guys in school. Whats the result? According to one guy I talked to yesterday 12% of their senate is in the Nazi party and growing. They are also the richest country in the EU at the moment. Lots of money for panzerfausts?
Woo! I predict WWIII as China vs Germany and who knows what else. In any case, I have a feeling out lives are going to get real interesting in the next 20-30 years.
So, enough of that, I'm having an awesome time here and I can't wait to check out the South Island. Heres more pics.
At the heart of the volcano
Hot pool full of life
Everything is covered in Ash. There was a small eruption only 3 days ago so we walked over to the site where it happened and this is what we found.
I bet nobody can guess what this is.