My home, for now.

Well, I like Rotorua so much that I'm going to make it my temorary home for at least a few weeks, most likely even more, despite the horrid stench.
As you all know, I love to mountain bike. Well the rides here are world class. In fact, the world cup was held here a few years ago. I went for a ride yesterday with some people from a bike shop and I fell in love. I can't explain how good the trails are here. Did I mention no pedestrains or horses are allowed? Its a cyclist's dream!
So, I've gotten a job. Starting Monday Morning I'll be stripping and refurbishing furniture (yes, some antiques, too) for $10 an hour under the table. That should last me 2-3 weeks and then after that the manager of the bike store said he might have a job for me over the summer. If I get that job, I'll be here for a while, for sure.
So expect the updates to come less frequently, I'm going to be busy riding. But do keep in touch! I miss you guys!
Stay warm!
Dan and Marty. The yellow is so they can be visible when the crash and tumble through the ferns.
I started to miss big group rides like this.