Greeting from 2007

Sunday, Dec 31, 2006
I can tell you what its like to be in 2007 before the date even changes! You see I am skilled in the art of time travel, and I have skipped some time to witness the new year a day early.
So what is it like?
There is a massive global hanover passing over the earth as the sun rises! You guys need to watch out! In a matter of hours it will be upon you! Invenest in Aspirin just for 1 day and you will be a rich man. I have already suffered the consequences of a night of terrorizing the local kiwi folk at the new years celebration.
Computers aren'tgoing to crash like they did in 2000 but there will be mass confusion as people who don't put a dash through their sevens write the date and the people that do dash their sevens read it as 2001. Idiots.
The year has "007" in it which makes it infinetly cooler than any other year except maybe 2666. I hereby declare 2007 James Bond appreciation year.
People who think 7 is a lucky number and are expecting good luck for an entire year are going to finally realize 7 is not a lucky number. It just doesn't work that way.
Have a happy new years all!