The ball is rolling

Whew what a day. I did a lot, didnt have much fun as yesterday but I feel good that I got a bunch of things done. Of course you dont care but I Got a
NZ bank account
Tax number
new cell phone for $50
a minor british following.
I went to Adventure cycles and picked out a bike, I also got the chance to talk to a german couple who had just finished their tour of NZ by bike and were heading off to Asia. After that I went shopping for a phone on one of the main streets, I ended up stopping in a gaming store and talking to a Kiwi about Magic cards for about 45min. Woot.
The hostel here in Auckland is cool, but I don't think I could spend my entire time in NZ in hostels like these. It seems like a lot of the people here are just around to hang out with other backpackers and get laid or whatever, not really to see NZ. You can tell just by the advertisements and the atmosphere. I really cant wait to get on the road and go to the more out of the way places where I will hopefully meet some more adventurous people.
Last night was absolutely crazy. The bar started off by giving out a bunch of free vodka punch, and then some free beer vouchers, and then the DJs came. I stuck out like a sore thumb in my flannel shirt (wont be wearing that again). I met a swedish guy and two british girls and we all hung out all night, danced a lot, and talked about music. the Swede was hilarious, bright blonde hair, blue eyes, silly accent and completely metrosexual. We talked a lot about things and he had some intresting views on America, he said the USA was the coolest thing in the 90s, but now he says it is more compareable to Soveit Russia, still powerfull but not so cool.I guess the whole MacDre hyphy thing hasnt really hit here yet, only 2 of the "thug" guys knew what I was talking about, I felt pretty cool knowing more about it than them, apprently they thought so too because I was invited into thier party van. I didnt go with them though cause I liked my new found friends better. From then on I was referred to as "The guy in the shirt." Anyway no partying for me tonight I'm getting picked up at 7am by the guys Im getting my bike from so we can set it up and all. I can't wait to get on the road.
More pics of course:

Cool gaming store, I talked to a Kiwi for 45min about Magic cards.

"I am an Emo" and "Sheep Sick"??