Sweet as, bro!

I did a lot of exploring today! This time i walked far away from the reach of most tourists, so I got some genuine local New Zealand experience. I visited a nice grassy park, where people were playing rugby and skating in a skate park. After that I went to a market, that was full of hilarious novelty items. My favorite was this guy selling ties with all kinds of crude drawings on them - from humping pigs to erict penii and vodka bottles. There were some cool smoke shops and clothing stores too. I did some more wandering and then came back to downtown. The neighboring bar is having free punch, sausages and a tequila shot at 45min, so I'll go check that out. Here some pictures I took today.

Can you spot the 2 things I like in this picture? You'd thin I died and went to heaven!

the Sky Tower.
"Learn to Spray"