Still here

For ANYONE thinking of travelling outside the United States, take this advice.Watch as much MTV as possible before leaving!!! Cause you know, its like, totally wicked sick over here. Pop knowledge will GET YOU IN.
So I was supposed to leave this morning to the Coromandel peninsula, well turns out there was a misunderstanding and the ferry I need to take doesnt run today, only tomorrow. So I'm staying in Auckland for one more night. At the Camel Hostel (2 humps, guranteed!) Its a sick place. So Im not too bummed out about having to stay one more day.
I walked around for a few more hours today, everywhere I went people are just smiling and laughing, silly hobbits they are! I went to a record shop, and the dude working there was wearing a t-shirt with the California state flag on it. Yeaa. We're kinda a big deal around here. Us Californians. Heres more pics from the last 2 days.