Please dont fart anymore!

Because I'm in Rotorua, A.K.A Fartopolis, where all farts go after being let out of your ass. Its a really, really, smelly city. I only just got here yesterday, and I've been keeping busy, oh yes.
I think the last time I wrote i was in Whangamata, well I've been through a few towns and cities since then and had my fair share of adventures.
I think one of my best memories already here in New Zealand has been Kati Kati, where I stayed on an elderly couples farm, with one other Swiss guy named Toby. He is also a Mountain Biker.
We decided to go for a day hike the second day there, so we hitchhiked through the dirt country farm roads until we reached the trailhead. Not much of a trail, there were 11 river crossings total, only 1 with a bridge. Luckily neither of us fell in, which is a miracle considering we were hopping and jumping on slick wet rocks. After the river crossings (about 6k of them) the trail climbs up a steep ridge and at the top the waterfall is visible. But thats not enough, we decided to continue on to the top of the waterfall where the trail ends, and have lunch. Its hard to tell from the photos but there is a rock outcropping at that juts out into the air at the top, nothing but a 120 meter drop below us. We had lunch on it. It took us 5 1/2 hours round trip, but it was worth it.
After Kati Kati I stopped by Tauranga. I spent 2 nights in a Hostel with 45 Germans. EVERYONE there was German. I think there was one Austrian. It was fun, but I was happy to get out of there. They're a little crazy. I've never been is such a heated game of Uno in my life (think of the video of the angry german kid playing ut, that gives you some kind of idea)
Now Im hanging out in Rotorua, its a neat place theres tons of thermal activity around here, even the sewers have sulpher and steam coming out of them all day. The hostel I am not has a hot spring hot tub. Sweet as.
Oh yea, and in a few hours I'm about to go Zorbing. What the hell is Zorbing you ask?
The one janky jank jank bridge on the walk.
Gotta get up there!
Yeah its a big drop. Maybe the water is deep enough to dive??
Don't trip...
Do you see a demon in this picture?
Look closer!
Another perilous drop, but a great view. Oh, Tauranga!
Where all farts come to party.