Out of the city, woohoo!

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And its about time, too. Auckland was starting to get to me, and my pocketbook.So I took that ferry to the Coromandel Peninsula and stayed a night at this rad hippy/alternative hostel lat night. I met 2 Israli guys and one girl from New York and we all planned on meeting tomorrow at a place called hot water beach. Get this: when the tide is low you can dig a hole in the sand and the thermal activity under the sand heats the water to make a natural hot tub. It just so happens that the low tide coincides with sunset, so an added bonus! It should be nice on my battered legs, considering I rode 30miles today (about 45k) to get to this town, and I'm going to ride another 30k tomorrow to get to the beach.The coutryside is so amazing here, and there are so many sheep! I even saw a sheep just chillin in some guys back yard, not even a farm. Its also very lush and wet, much more so than I imagined, the fauna is very tropical like.
Anyhoo, is winter hitting HMB yet? Im going to miss hearing the swells smash up against the coast and the wind and rain through the eucalypsus.
Actually, I wont miss it that much ;)
Insert caption: "Life is beutiful"
Tonight I'm staying at the "Cats Pajamas" Hostel. There are lots of cats.
Big mountain.
Mine tunnels, shafts!!! Its better than a video game!
Too perfect.
My home for the night. Reminded me of Humbolt a lot.

okay austin, you're already outside of that meaningless town. but we're trying to find out of bangkok. there seems to be no way. not by bike not even as a pedestrian you can cross a city road. if you ask any taxi driver, they charge you a whole lift around the world. jens & uli.