Hello from the surf capitol of New Zealand.

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Whangamata is the place. No, it doesnt actually have the word "wang" in it. Wh is pronounced ph here in NZ. So its actually Fang ah mata. Pretty cool eh? Well I'm having a great time, hot water beach was amazing, even if the water was a little too hot at times. I enjoyed staying with some friends for two days in the microscopic town of Hahei, we bbq'ed drank and hiked. All is well with the world. More pictures? Of course!
Later Guys!
Blue and Green
Hangin out with Tav, Nuri and 'Liss
Kayaking to the Hobbit volcano.
Fresh water, Nz style.
Nuri, Tav and I at Cathedral Cove.
Where cathedral cove gets its name.
Just Chillin'
Hot Water Beach. Can you spot Nuri and Tav?
Diggin our hole.