Santa Barbara Solar System Ride

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LCOGT has participated in this year’s Cyclemaynia event in the best way we know how: by geeking out over both cycling and astronomy at the same time.

I thought it would be neat to do a scale model of the solar system that people could ride in order to experience in order to gain a deeper appreciation of how vast the solar system really is.



Shralping Shredona (The Weirdest Place to Ride in the World)

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There are a few places in North American that, if you know a mountain biker, will probably hear about at least once. They are places where the riding is so legendary, so obscenely epic (we’re talking Sail by AWOL levels here) that they are worth traveling to the obscure corners of the country that they are usually located. Sedona, Arizona is one of those places.


Ride Slower Next Time

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Sometimes it becomes far too easy to get caught up in the distractions of being heavily involved in a sport like Mountain Biking. There’s the constant guilt of staying in shape, the ever changing and evolving equipment industry, and of course the big question: “Am I fast enough?”


First Foray into Video Editing: Dusty Sweetness

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Thanks to my wonderul parents, I’m now the proud owner of a new GoPro. And thanks to theives in San Francisco, I’m also the proud owner of a new Ibis Mojo HDR which took the place of my lost Santa Cruz Blur LT. I finally got the chance to use both over the weekend on a very dry, very warm, January day: I really enjoyed the process of both filming and editing the video. Read more...

Race Resume

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I was recently asked to put together a race resume for a cycling team I am interested in joining. As a web developer, I thought I could have a little fun with it. Take a look

War Bikes

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Mark 1

I can’t think of anything more align with progressive values than the bike. The weapon of choice for the modern day bohemian - with it’s obvious practical use as a means of transportation augmented by the enormous health, environmental and economical benefits endowed to the rider. Not to mention biker’s butt. Nay, it appears there is nothing but butterflies and sunshine surrounding the subject of the cycle.

Except that a bicycle is a machine and a machine’s utility is defined by it’s use.


Bikes Planes and Automobiles - Riding the Chilcotins

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The B.C. province of Canada should really be short for Best Cycling. Recently I had the opportunity to get out of Whistler and go for a 3 day trip into the Chilcotins. The journey involved driving north on the Sea To Sky, hooking a left in Pemberton and hurtling over a mountain pass on a notorious forest service road. Just as you think the land can’t become any more sparse of society, the Tyax Wilderness Resort pops into view from around a bend in a scene eerily reminiscent of the one in the opening credits of The Shining. Read more...

Graphing the Tour De France

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Two things are going on right now: The Tour De France. I need to learn a new charting library. I started looking around and Highcharts seemed like a nice JS solution with a complete API. It does require a license for commercial use, though. At the same time, I found a bunch of cool historical data on the Tour De France. I set up a MySQL database, made a few PHP pages, and here we have the results. Read more...