The following is a list of project that I have either been the sole or principal developer on. Loosely categorized, open source when possible.


  • Trail Care: Trail Care is a Strava integration/service that facilitates fast and simple micro donations from trail users to trail advocacy groups. At the time of this writing it has raised over $1,000 for various trail organizations around the US. It works by checking the GPS tracks of user's activities against a geospatial database of known trail organizations, and leveraging Stripe to make transactions.

  • GraniteMaps: a collection of trail map apps for both Android and iOS. The maps work 100% offline, are GPS enabled, provide detailed trail descriptions and helpful information on local wildlife and emergency contacts. Featured in the Santa Cruz Sentinel and Hilltromper.


  • Django Vitals: django-vitals is a Django app that provides health check endpoints for vital services. Extra checks are easy to write or extend.
    Source Code


  • Astrochallenge: AstroChallenge is a online catalog, observation list, and social network for amateur astronomers.

  • MARS (Make Alerts Really Simple): MARS is a really simple broker and archive interface for the Zwicky Transient Facility public alert stream. MARS ingests millions of alerts on transient objects in the universe and makes them available via a web interface and API.
    Source Code

  • LCO Science Archive: The LCO Archive hosts all the data that has been taken by the Las Cumbres Observatory network.

  • LCO Weather Page: This project displays weather telemetry at each of the sites belonging to the Las Cumbres Observatory network.
    Source Code


  • Tuimoji: A terminal based emoji chooser.

  • K9Cupid: A tinder clone for dogs. Made as a birthday gift for a special someone who really loves dogs.

  • Participuppy: A classroom app for keeping tack of student participation.