What do You Think About in the Shower?

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I was sprawled on the floor today, feeling good about my sore legs from the race yesterday, about the fact that I get to stay in Fairfax for a week, and about the interesting show that was available via Hulu on the Xbox - Nova Science Now. In this program they featured a scientist who discovered the protein called PKMzeta that facilitates electrical communication between the neurons in the brain responsible for long term memory. Read more...

Putting my Dreams Down on Paper

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About a month ago, I started keeping a dream diary. Every morning I wake up and attempt to write down that night's dream. So far it's been both extremely difficult and eye opening (no pun intended). I'll tell you what kind of dreams I have, but first lets explore some of my experiences with the actual act of recording dreams. The first thing I noticed was how quickly you forget the details of your dream. Read more...

Typical Blog Post

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Just lounging around, thinking I'm gunna throw some stuff down right here. [caption id="attachment_410" align="aligncenter" width="432" caption="Anyone that can explain this picture to me gets $2"][/caption] First, let me share with you some music that others have shared with me. I have not posted music for a very long time and this is just completely different. Gotta thank Fitch for this one. Some good real music with a little bit of synth to make it nice and cracky. Read more...

Vulpes Vulpes

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Dedicated to Andrea WayteThe Fantastic Mr. Fox, a movie based on the Roald Dahl book of the same name, is a terrific movie starring some clever animals. In particular, the red fox is portrayed as a sly and ingenious thief. A thieving fox is a pretty common theme in literature and this movie made me curious if the red fox really does have a case of kleptomania as big as we give it credit for. Read more...

How to Be Sick - My Way

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It was bound to happen. I haven't had so much as a cold since I got the swine back in October but alas, here I am again. Wearing my sweat pants and uggs in bed at 8:00. But I do not despair. I know how to be sick, and I know how to get better as quickly as possible. Let me share some secrets with you, all based on absolute science. Read more...

Carts of Darkness - Vancouver's Most Extreme Bums

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In Carts of Darkness the treacherous mountain roads and discarded shopping carts of North Vancouver become the rivers and boats of self-exploration for a group of homeless ‘free birds’ who have few chances at joy. Carts of Darkness is a cinematic Trojan horse, utilizing a filmic vocabulary, visual flair and humour often missing from “message” films, as a way to bring viewers, especially young ones, to the issues. The film adopts the tropes of extreme sports filmmaking; fluid flowing cinematography, intense music, visceral pulse pounding action and irreverent characters unbounded by society’s constrictions, to bring viewers deep into a world and deep into people they would normally look away from. Read more...

Big Ride Weekend

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School starts on Monday, so Im doing as much riding as possible this weekend. Thanks to Bill and Ashland Mountain Adventures I dont have to ride to the top under my own power (I did that all this week, tired of it now) Lets hope nothing like this happens.

Cool Forts of El Granada

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El Granada, California always had the best mix of suburban housing mixed in with empty lots and huge groves of Eucalyptus trees. This created a great enviroment for kids to built tree houses, forts and neighborhood jumps. The town is much more devleloped now, so most of the places I remember from my youth have become new houses. Other tree forts and jumps have been destroyed purposedly in this new age of liability. Read more...