Ubuntu Linux Inspiron 1720 Fixes

🔖 Technology 
There are a few last things I wanted to get to work with my laptop, mainly the webcam and microphone. I would go into detail on how I got them to work with Ubuntu but I found this great page : To install Ubuntu-7.04 on Dell Inspiron 1520 Which is for the 1520, but should work for 1720 as well. Good luck everyone.

TSST corp Linux Problems

My installation of Ubuntu went pretty smoothly besides the Nvidia drivers and one other problem: my TSSTcorp TS L632d ATA dvdr + rw drive was not recognized by linux. In fact it was straight invisible. Hwinfo showed nothing. Dmesg | grep cdrom showed even less. I started to think that I might have a serious bug to work out. However, the fix was simple. I was doing some searches through google and linuxquestions. Read more...

To The Woman that Cleaned my Teeth

🔖 Bizzare 
To the woman who cleaned my teeth. Dear Ms Chen, I know I havent been to the dentist in nearly a year. I know I was late for my last appointment and made a big fuss out of it. I know that I didnt make much of an effort to brush my teeth this morning, and I know maybe I deserved a little punishment. But for gods sake, did you have to rip chunks of flesh off my gums like that? Read more...


See ya'll next time! Im away!


Well I havent Checked in for a while, but I thought I'd post a quick update on my life. Patricia and I are still travelling together, we did end up getting free accomodation at Cacktus Jacks in return for 2 hours of work a day (it always ended up just being about 1) so that was sweet. That was 4 days ago. Now we are taking a small vacation on vacation to the Coromandel, which some of you miay remember as being the first place I went to after leaving the big city and the first place I rode my bike. Read more...

Goodbye to the vines, and my final revenge!

So what have I been up to? Patricia and I finished 3 weeks of worek in the vineyards, while staying in Leeways again. It was a little dull. We didnt do much but work, but Dylan and some of the other germans from last time were still there so I had some friends to reminice with. Dylan, Patricia Christopher the Chilean and I went to the beach on our last work day. Read more...

More Lord of the Rings and stuff.

Today I went jet boating and conoeing on the dart river for free cause my rafting buddy/teacher fletch works for the company that runs it. Just goes to show you in pays to have friends in the tourism industry! It was so amazing! The jet boats can go up to 70mph in water only 3 inches deep! And man, it was FAST! We went up the dart river, which passes through a place caleed the Paradise Trust where a lot of the LOTR movies were filmed. Read more...

Quest complete! Queenstown baby!

5 months and 1700km (1056 miles) later, I've finally arrived in Queenstown! How can I describe my excitement... Arms flailing, lots of yelling, laughing, crying, jumping up and down, leg cramps, cant believe it, am I really here? In the last 3 days I rode over 250km because I was so anxious to finally get here. And now that I've arrived, I cant say I've ever felt better. This place is gorgeous, full of tourists and a mind blowing amount of activities to empty your wallet. Read more...

So close yet so far!

So for the second time in a week, I am holed up in a backpacker because of bad weather! Now I am at lake Tekapo, if I could ride every day from tomorrow on, I would arrive in Queenstown in exactly a week. Somehow I don't think thats going to happen! Of course I cant complain, life is still great and this lake is amazing! Its got a turquoise blue color that Ive never seen before. Read more...

Going to Queenstown with an aching heart.

Well its that time again. As some of you have probably noticed, I haven't been as in touch as much as I would like. About three and a half weeks ago I rode into a town called Waipara. It is your standard small town, New Zealand style. Just a few houses bunched around an intersection, and a pub. It was raining out and I was pretty hungry, so I decided to pull over and grab a burger. Read more...